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We get it.  As a nurse you are busy.  Very few of you have the time or desire to professionally manage your retirement dreams.

Sometimes you need to check your own vital signs.

You spend your entire life serving others.  What about serving your personal finances?  When was the last time you had a retirement “check-up”? 

Many nurses we help rely on us as their “Primary Caregiver” for their family’s financial planning. 

We can help you and your family in the below key areas:


Employee Benefits - This may be the largest factor that allows us to serve nurses nationwide.  We are familiar with various hospital system benefits and non-profit entities.  Whether it’s a 401(k) , pension plan or stock plan, we provide the answers on which benefits you should utilize.


Retirement Planning - The sooner you have a savings game plan, the more flexibility you have later in life.  After all, how long can you work 8 or 12 hour shifts?  At some point you'll need your savings to last and not outlive it.  In retirement the paychecks stop but the bills will keep coming.


Tax Planning - Its not how much you make, its what you keep.  What are you doing to minimize your tax burden each year?  What are the best tax-advantaged vehicles that will help you today and in the future?  Does a Roth-Conversion make sense?  We do not file tax returns nor replace your CPA, we work with them for your best interest.


Children's College Savings - Student Loans, mortgage, bills and retirement.  We often get asked, "where and how do I save for my kids' college?".  There are various college savings tools out there today, we help simplify and share pros & cons of all of them to empower you to make best decisions for your children.


Insurances - Life and disability insurances, trusts, wills, etc.  All vital things many nurses mistakenly overlook.  We are independent in the insurance arena meaning we shop so you save.  We assist on funding trusts and titling of assets.  We are not attorneys meaning we do not draft legal documents. Happy to refer trusted lawyers of ours.


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